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In addition to the conventional betting options like European handicap, over/under, and Asian handicap, corner kick betting has garnered popularity among a significant number of players. Now, the question arises: how does one engage in this particular form of betting? For a comprehensive understanding and detailed insights, kindly delve into the comprehensive article available on Wintips betinum.

What is a corner kick bet?

Corner kick betting, referred to as Conners in English, constitutes a distinctive form of online football wagering. Participating in this type of bet diverges entirely from the traditional score-related bets, and the methodology for assessing corner kick odds stands in stark contrast to other betting formats. Success in this domain merely hinges on accurately forecasting the total number of corner kicks in a match.

Conners bets encompass various fundamental categories, encompassing over/under corner kicks, odd/even corner kicks (which involve predicting the team to initiate the first or last corner kick), 1×2 corner bets, corner handicap betting, and prognosticating the team poised to take the subsequent corner kick. This diverse categorization offers a plethora of strategic possibilities for bettors seeking engagement in the realm of Conners betting.

Strategies for winning big on corner kick bets

Average statistics for total corner kicks

Based on extensive research conducted by numerous experts specializing in corner kick strategies, in conjunction with meticulous analysis of statistical data derived from matches, a comprehensive home win prediction regarding the number of corner kicks has been formulated. The outcomes are delineated as follows:

In Group 1, comprising teams ranked between 2 to 4, the projected average stands at precisely 10.5 corner kicks per match.

For Group 2, encompassing teams ranked from 5 to 17, the anticipated range spans from 10.6 to 11.5 corner kicks on average per match.

Finally, within Group 3, composed of teams occupying the 18th to 20th ranks, the calculated average ascends to 11.5 corner kicks per match.

How to check Conners' odds

To enhance the effectiveness of your Conners bets, it is imperative to meticulously gather information about both participating teams. In instances where a less formidable team is playing on their home turf, the likelihood of them receiving more corner kicks increases. This scenario is advantageous for the underdog team, as they benefit from the support of their home crowd, thereby exerting additional pressure on the opposing team.

In encounters between two attack-oriented teams, the expectation is a significant number of corner kicks. Should the home team prove to be the stronger side, the frequency of corner kicks is expected to be higher. Strong teams often adopt an aggressive playing style, thereby escalating the probability of corner kicks occurring.

If both teams conclude the first half with a draw, the likelihood of witnessing an increased number of corner kicks in the second half is considerably high.

It is advisable to refrain from placing bets on teams with a history of infrequent corner kicks. In cases where you lack confidence in your predictive abilities, exploring the option of utilizing the bookmaker's insurance package can be a prudent strategy.

In situations where a formidable team is trailing in the first half, there is a heightened probability of witnessing an elevated number of corner kicks during the second half. This circumstance is often attributed to the stronger team intensifying their offensive efforts in an attempt to level the playing field.

Checking Conners' odds online

Conners' handicap betting

Examining pre-match data prompts bookmakers to offer diverse odds for corner kick bets. It is advisable, in this betting type, to select the team with a higher probability of earning corner kicks, as this increases their chances of securing victory.

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Conners' over/under (total goals over/under)

In this particular category, your task is to forecast the overall number of corner kicks for both teams and then decide whether the actual count will surpass or fall below a threshold set by the bookmaker.

First Corner bet in Conners

Anticipate which team will execute the initial corner kick. It's noteworthy that if a match commences but is subsequently canceled, Conners bets remain valid and will be acknowledged by the bookmaker.

Last Corner bet in Conners

This wager involves predicting which team will receive the final corner kick. Typically, the stronger team is favored to be the one concluding the match with the last corner kick.

Next Corner bet prediction

In this betting option, your objective is to make predictions regarding the forthcoming corner kicks. This type of bet is frequently favored and applied by seasoned bettors due to its strategic nature.

1×2 Corner bets

This betting format allows players to choose from three potential outcomes: tips win, draw, or lose. Each of these options corresponds to different odds for potential monetary winnings.

Odd/Even Corner bets

For this bet, players need to predict whether the total number of corner kicks in the match will be an odd or even figure. If the match concludes according to your prediction, you stand to win a reward corresponding to the specified odds.

Presented above are details pertaining to the comprehension of corner kick betting. We trust that the insights provided through our match analysis information have assisted you in developing successful betting strategies.


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