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Sharon Tate Autopsy Photos Baby __FULL__

For the rest of her life, she strongly campaigned against the parole of each of the Manson killers and worked closely with other victims of violent crime. Several times, she confronted Charles "Tex" Watson and Susan Atkins at parole hearings, explaining, "I feel that Sharon has to be represented in that hearing room. If they're [the killers] pleading for their lives then I have to be there representing her." She addressed Tex Watson directly during her victim impact statement in 1990: "What mercy, sir, did you show my daughter when she was begging for her life? What mercy did you show my daughter when she said, 'Give me two weeks to have my baby and then you can kill me'? ... When will Sharon come up for parole? Will these seven victims and possibly more walk out of their graves if you get paroled? You cannot be trusted."[9]

Sharon Tate Autopsy Photos Baby



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