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In My Father's HouseLast Chance U: Basketball :...

To answer those questions, we need to examine the attributes of The Perfect Point Guard. Great point guards are like great women -- you remember every one that crossed your path over the years. I learned how to play basketball from playing with my father's brothers as a youngster, most specifically Uncle Chuck and Uncle Bob (a point guard out of the Stockton/Lucas mold). Everybody loved playing with them, especially when Bob was on his game.

In My Father's HouseLast Chance U: Basketball :...

So why can't guards as gifted as Stephon Marbury, Stevie Francis and Baron Davis figure out the "Get your teammates involved, then take over down the stretch" axiom? Hard to say. I've given up on Marbury ... it doesn't seem like he "gets it." Francis worries me, because his coach encourages one-on-one basketball -- and rightly so, because it gives a mediocre, undersized team a better chance to win -- but that offense has turned Francis into a "shoot-first" guy. Davis could go either way ... it's too early to tell with him. Other than Tinsley and possibly Duke star Jason Williams, they represent our only hopes for the Next Generation. 041b061a72


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