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Ben Settle Copy Troll Pdf

All readings will be linked from this syllabus. For cases, I highly recommend printing the National Reporter System version available as a PDF from Westlaw. For law review articles, I highly recommend printing the Hein Online PDF version. (I have provided hyperlinks to other versions of cases and articles as a convenience for those without all-you-can-eat access to these electronic databases.) You will also need a copy of the 1976 Copyright Act as amended through the present.

Ben Settle Copy Troll pdf

Your paper topic can relate in any way to copyright and digital technologies. I will apply a rebuttable presumption against case comments, i.e. papers that discuss a single judicial decision and critique its reasoning. (The same goes for legislative comments that critique a proposed bill.) Better papers identify a trend in multiple decisions, or bring an unexpected doctrine to bear on a problem, or explain how the law should make sense of a new technology. In addition to the topics on the syllabus, here are some other potential directions for papers:

Colette is as much a mushroom (kept in the dark and fed bullshit) as is Hoppe. These copyright trolling campaigns, with the exception of Prenda, are widely believed to be organized, operated and maintained by Germany based firm Guardaley.

There is a concrete name behind the shakedown: Eric Woldoff. He is a mastermind of the Malibu Media racket, a liaison for the Germans: he hired Lipscomb, he hired Pillar (and its dirty Armenian Power money), he kept finding financing for the racket. He is a con artist who was prosecuted by the FTC 10+ years ago: -buyerdebt-collection-companies-and-their-principals-settle-ftc-charges 041b061a72


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