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Revenge comes at a price, however, as Iris attempts to absorb Ayana in the process of its growth. A young man named Tatsunari Moribe manages to free her from Iris' cocoon, but its taste for humanity is far from quenched. It escapes and kills the entire populace of the village. Iris then grows into his monstrous adult form and continues terrorizing the countryside. The JSDF assaults the monster, but Iris easily wipes out the attacking platoon before taking flight.

Gamera 2: Attack of the Legion song free download

From within Iris' body, Ayana experiences the monster's memories of killing her village, and realizes that her hatred and bitterness over being an orphan motivated the monster she raised. Just as she has her epiphany, however, Gamera plunges his hand into Iris' chest. Gamera manages to wrench the girl free, robbing Iris of its human merge, but it counters this by staking Gamera's hand to the wall with one of his extendable, sword-like arms. Nagamine and Asagi, trapped within the train station's wreckage, watch helplessly as Iris begins to siphon Gamera's blood, using it to create plasma fireballs with its tentacles. Before they can be launched, however, Gamera takes action, choosing to instead blast off his own impaled hand. Iris fires two plasma fireballs, but Gamera then points his stump arm toward the incoming attack, absorbs them, and forms a fiery plasma fist, then drives it into Iris' wounded chest.


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