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Modern Caravan: Stories From Rolling Homes Buil...

Even if you've never heard of an Airstream you probably know what they look like. These iconic travel trailers from the 1950s have become a hot commodity for renovation into beautiful, lightweight, tiny homes. Welcome to the Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast, the show where you learn how to plan, build and live the tiny lifestyle. I'm your host, Ethan Waldman, and this is episode 212 with Kate Oliver. Kate is the author of the new book The Modern Caravan, telling the stories of beautiful Airstream conversions and the people who live in them through words and gorgeous photographs. Kate and her wife and daughter started off their journey by renovating an Airstream and living on the road for several years. I'm excited to share our conversation with you where we get into the nitty gritty of finding and renovating a vintage Airstream trailer.

Modern Caravan: Stories from Rolling Homes Buil...

Additionally, modern homes tend to be built from materials similar to those used in site-built homes rather than inferior, lighter-weight materials. They are also more likely to physically resemble site-built homes. Often, the primary differentiation in appearance is that factory-built homes tend to have less of a roof slope so that they can be readily transported underneath bridges and overpasses.[citation needed]

Most zoning restrictions on the homes have been found to be inapplicable or only applicable to modular homes. That occurs often after considerable litigation on the topic by affected jurisdictions and by plaintiffs failing to ascertain the difference. Most modern modulars, once fully assembled, are indistinguishable from site-built homes. Their roofs are usually transported as separate units. Newer modulars also come with roofs that can be raised during the setting process with cranes. There are also modulars with 2 to 4 storeys.

A look around a Bel Green home will reveal an immediate impression of quality. Each of the luxury homes at Bel Green combines handsome, old-world craftsmanship along with a thoroughly modern commitment to maintenance-free living. Open designs and natural lighting are prominent features of the homes. The majority of the homes are one level with sizes ranging from 1600 to 3000 square feet. The larger plans incorporate second floors. 041b061a72


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