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Tempting Tranny Tgp

Tempting Trannys is one site of a large collection of sites that you get full access to when you become a member. It features high definition video and a numberof photo galleries and several other bonus tranny sites. While each of these sites may be fairly small by themselves, the combination of access to over 80 different sites of all sorts of different types of porn is a good value for the price of one membership. Here I'll give the rundown of it and the other available tranny bonus sites.

tempting tranny tgp

In the Tempting Trannys members section you will currently find 41 high definition video clips which run at 1280x720 resolution. This makes for a nice sharp video and fairly large file sizes.The clips on average are about 10 minutes long and are often part of a series of clips. They are in Windows Media format and they can be viewed on the site or downloaded. There is alsothe option for medium resolution video in Windows media or QuickTime formats. The clips all have hardcore sex action with trannys with trannys, men or women. They seem to add anew video once a week on average but there is no consistent update schedule.

There are currently nineteen photo shoots on the site and they are shown in many pages of thumbnail images, on average about 200 pictures per shoot. The photos are good resolution and quality. There are also a number of non-tranny offsite photo and video feeds. There are also links to offsite adult personals, live webcams and an adult toy store.

In a bonus site, Club HeShe, you will find 38 photo shoots. The photos are descent resolution and have 20 to 60 photos in each. These seem to be older sets and not up to date.There are also offsite tranny video feeds from five different sources and a number of other non tranny offsite bonus cams, interactive feeds and games. 041b061a72


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