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Hollow Knight Blue Cocoon

Lifeblood is one of the few aspects of Hollow Knight that remains shrouded in mystery even now, four years after the game was released. The glowing, blue substance seems to have some signs of sentience, evidenced by the existence of the Lifeseeds and another possible creature. It is capable of protecting those it touches, which serves as both an interesting bit of lore to dive into and a helpful gameplay feature that, at times, makes it easier to approach the game's difficulty.RELATED: Hollow Knight: How To Unlock Both Lifeblood DoorsThroughout the game's various worlds, there are special cocoons of pure Lifeblood that can be found. Striking these will hatch the Lifeseeds within, which can be attacked to add them to your current stack of masks. This is helpful for absorbing damage without the risk of dying right away. In this guide, we will not only briefly go over where each of these cocoons is, but how many Lifeseeds you can expect to pick up. Let's get started.

Hollow Knight Blue Cocoon

Shrugging off the strange occurrence of its survival with discomforting ease, it resumes its ascent, the odd blue cocoon it emerged from being notably further down than it had previously climbed. It had some distance to make up.

The above is the flow chart guide for beginners of Hollow Knight and the explanation of the difficulty of the new operation. Of course, one of the fun of this game is exploring freely. Friends can combine the above content to get a better game experience. Learn more about the hollow knight walkthrough 076b4e4f54


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