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The Ultimate Guide to Fixing Messenger Download Issues

The link will take you directly to the Messenger APK download page on APKPure. Simply hit the download button and wait for completion. Upon completion, open the file and hit install and you are good to go!

unable to download messenger

Not being able to download an app from the Google Play Store or it shows some random error message? This is probably the most common problem faced by Android users getting stuck with the 'downloading' or 'pending' message. Yet not to worry, here are a few methods how easily you can resolve such issues related to the Google Play Store.

Most of the time, Google Play Store errors are caused by intermittent or slow internet. If you are on mobile data, try to connect the device to a strong Wi-Fi network. If Google Play Store is not downloading while you are connected to Wi-Fi, you may need to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi first. The general rule is to ensure that your phone has a stable internet connection before you start to download anything from the Play Store app.

However, if you find that your Facebook messenger is not working. Then it will take you in trouble. Because, there are many Facebook business pages who use to communicate with client through messenger.

Now you should restart your phone and install Facebook Messenger. If you successfully installed Facebook messenger. Then you are good to go. However, if still there is problem. Then you have to proceed with further steps.

For some users that are on computers provided by their office or workplace, they could be managed by your IT team and may limit your option to download and install new apps. If this is the case, you will need to coordinate this with your IT team to get their permission or have them do the installation instead.

You may choose to transfer multimedia files across your network via MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) but you may be unable to download MMS. What should you do to fix MMS messages not downloading? Follow the solutions mentioned in this post given by MiniTool Solution.

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In many situations, a simple restart can be used to fix some issues. This is the basic thing you can do. Just press the power button until you see the power menu and choose Reboot or Restart. After your phone restarts, check if you can download MMS.

If there is no stable Internet connection on your phone, the issue of MMS messages not downloading will occur. Make sure your mobile data or Wi-Fi on the Android phone is turned on. Then, go to search for something via a browser to check the connectivity.

You know each app includes cache files that are used to save data. Sometimes cache files are corrupt, leading to Android MMS not downloading. To fix this issue, it is necessary to clear the cache and data for the messaging app.

How can you fix MMS messages not downloading if you encounter this issue on your Android phone? Follow these solutions above and you can easily get rid of it. If you have any other methods, let us know in the following part.

I am trying to download all my (Facebook) Messenger data (text and photos), but I can't seem to find out how. An important thing may be that I have a Messenger only account; when I attempt to login at I get an error message: "This Account Only Works On Messenger".

Over the course of the years, many users have been faced with the problem of not being able to install messenger on their iPhones. But on this guide today I will be divulging to you all the steps you can take to solve that problem.

You may encounter the failed to download attachment message due to a corrupt cache/data of the MMS service or a corrupt cache partition. Moreover, incompatible messaging applications or invalid APN settings can also cause the error message.

The affected user encounters the error when they try to download an MMS attachment. Some users have reported facing the issue in group chats only. The error message also pops up when the user unlocks his phone (in some cases, on the lock screen) or when he launches the messaging app.

Before starting the troubleshooting process to download a multimedia message, make sure there is no file size limit enabled in the MMS settings. Also, check if another SIM is operating correctly with your phone. If so, then the problem is with the service provider. If it is not working, then the problem is with your phone. Moreover, make sure there is no network outage in the area.

Keep in mind that a non-carrier phone may fail to download the MMS message even if Wi-Fi calling is enabled. Also, if you are just having the error message and no MMS is pending, then try to activate/deactivate the message notifications in the phone settings.

You will not be able to download the MMS message if you are trying to download the MMS attachment through Wi-Fi unless the Wi-Fi calling option is activated. And if the said option is active, even then, you may encounter the issue on non-carrier phones. In this case, switching off Wi-Fi and enabling mobile data may solve the problem.

Auto-retrieve is a feature (when enabled) by which your phone will automatically download the multimedia, and the user will not have to tap on the media to download it. But this Auto-retrieve feature is a double-edged sword in the case of our error message. Sometimes it is essential for retrieving the message, whereas in other cases, it is the root cause of the issue. In our case, enabling/disabling the auto retrieve may solve the problem.

The Download Booster is a feature (mainly supported by Samsung) by which you can download files larger than 30 megabytes in size faster by using a Wi-Fi connection and mobile data connection simultaneously. Download booster can be used to download a variety of items like apps in Galaxy Apps and Play Store etc.

You may encounter the error under discussion if a network communication glitch is stopping the message from downloading in the current network mode. In this context, Samsung users may be able to download the multimedia message by enabling the Download Booster.

MMS service uses a cache to perform its operations. You may fail to download the MMS message if the cache/data of the service is corrupt. In this context, clearing the cache and data of the service may solve the problem.

IPV6 protocol was introduced to rectify the limitations of the IPV4 protocol but it still has its share of issues. You may encounter the error if the IPV6 protocol is enabled in your router and you are using that connection to download the MMS. In this context, disabling IPV6 may solve the problem.

Your phone uses APN (Access Point Name) to connect to a wireless service. You will not be able to download the MMS messages if the APN settings of your phone are not valid. In this case, reinstalling or resetting the carrier settings may solve the problem.

You may encounter the error under discussion if the data profile of your device or Preferred Roaming List (PRL) database is corrupt. If there is an invalid PRL/profile, your phone may not download the MMS messages. In this context, updating the profile and PRL may solve the problem.

If you are asking the very same question, you've probably had some difficulties in downloading videos from Facebook using your old way. There are several potential reasons for which you may be not able to download Facebook videos:

Actually, it is hard to figure out the real reason that why you can't download videos on Facebook. Rather than spending a lot of time finding the problem, why not use some easier way to download Facebook videos? If this is exactly what you want, follow this guide to get some practical solutions to download videos from Facebook to your computer or mobile devices with simple clicks.

Downloading Facebook videos to a computer is a great way to enjoy a movie without interrupting. Currently, there are three ways to save Facebook videos, depending on how frequently you're planning to do this. If you want to download videos at once, an online video downloader is enough. While if you plan to save Facebook videos regularly, you might need a browser add-on or an external app to help.

If you're a video editor, director, or moviegoer, you might need to download videos regularly. Thus, it is necessary to install a video downloader so that you can download any videos you like whenever you want. There are a lot of such apps in the market for you to choose from. Among them, the stable and reliable video downloader for Windows - EaseUS Video Downloader is one of the best options as it offers many additional functions, such as:

Disclaimer: The information provided in this guide is for personal fair use. EaseUS is in no way collaborated or affiliated with Facebook and will never approve any copyright infringement action. The use of the downloaded information is solely at your own risk.

The online video downloader is great for downloading videos once or twice, but it isn't a good option to download videos regularly as these websites often disappear for copyright reasons. But if you stick with them, here are some recommendations, including, Getfvid, SaveFrom.Net, etc. Most of these websites share a similar download procedure, as shown below.

Apart from the two options mentioned above, you can also save Facebook videos with an extension. Most extensions are free and allow you to save videos from FB while you are watching them. Besides, many other popular websites like Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo are also supported. But the disadvantage is that it might cause privacy leakage since some extensions come with viruses. If you want to add an extension, you can search for one by inputting keywords like "Facebook video download extension" in your Chrome search box.

It is easy to download Facebook videos to your iPhone or Android if you've already known how to download Facebook videos to a computer because you can directly transfer the downloaded videos to your iPhone or Android. But if you don't want to use a computer, a better option is to apply this online video downloader - The steps are very simple. You need to open on your iPhone or Android device, copy and paste your Video address to its download box, and tap "Download." Then, the videos you want will be saved to your device.


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