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[S8E12] Chase WORK

At Serberus, Booth leads the armed group inside and begins to search. Looking at video feed from the security monitors, he sees Pelant walking through doors and down hallways in six different locations. The hacker/killer is covering his tracks. Booth goes to Molnor and demands to know where the secret exit is located -- the one not in the blueprints. Molnor reveals the path. Booth and Flynn follow it. They spot Pelant and give chase into a small room. Running, Pelant hits a button on his tablet and, inside the small room, a panel drops and a machine gun appears. It riddles Flynn with bullets as Booth narrowly escapes. Booth then emerges into a parking garage to see Pelant driving away. Booth fires. Blood splatters, but the car doesn't stop.

[S8E12] Chase

In any case, we see the beginning of an exciting car chase and then it just skips all the interesting bits and jumps ahead to where apparently both drivers got into an accident. Negan's car has flipped and he's banged up pretty good. Rick is in better shape and is better armed, so naturally he carefully approaches the car, flanking Negan and shooting him once he has a clear view of his target, filling the Savior leader full of so much lead his people won't even recognize the body.

Rick opens fire dozens of yards from his quarry, emptying a clip into Negan's car without even checking to see if Negan is actually behind it. Negan escapes into a building while Rick reloads. Then Rick chases him, wisely hanging on to his newly reloaded machine gun so that he can shoot Negan with it---oh wait, no, sorry that would make way too much sense for this show. Instead, Rick tosses his now fully loaded weapon onto the ground for no reason at all and runs in brandishing his six-shooter which he then shoots wildly at stuff missing Negan every single time until he runs out of bullets and just stands there like an idiot probably wondering why he dropped his other gun outside.

Piper feels completely powerless since Leo was taken away. Henry stands up Paige. Billie develops a power of projection and accidentally uses it to turn her visiting parents into assassins. While the Charmed Ones chase after them, a demonic executive hires them to take out the CEO of the company he plans to take over. 041b061a72


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