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Mashed Drive To Survive [Xbox Classic] __FULL__

Initially given a 9/10 by UK Playstation magazine; "We just can't stop playing it. All day. Every day, can't get it out of our heads." Edge, as previously mentioned gave it a very warm review. However, it did not fare so well in the international market, re-titled Drive to Survive, with PSM and Famitsu weekly gave it relatively average scores. Some feel the game was incredibly underrated and the initial release was somewhat overshadowed by the follow-up sequel 'Fully Loaded' which feature new tracks, new vehicles and several controversial screen effect options, including the ability to give the game a 'mashed' effect, as if to show the player how the game would appear were they 'stoned'. Although unsuccessful commercially, fans have afforded it some solace in the knowledge that it is a multi-player cult classic as seen by glowing user reviews on mainstream sites across the internet.

Mashed Drive To Survive [Xbox Classic]



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