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What is the Europa League? Key Information About the Tournament

Nowadays, when mentioning the European Cup, people often immediately think of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) - A very famous tournament. However, that does not mean forgetting the UEFA Europa League - A tournament with a rich and interesting history no less than the UCL. So, what is the Europa League? Let's explore more information and tip for win in the following article.

What is the Europa League?

The Europa League is a football tournament for clubs organized annually by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). To participate in this tournament, teams must perform well in their domestic leagues and national cups. It can be said to be the second-tier competition for European clubs.

The predecessor of this tournament was the UEFA Cup, which was established in 1971 and was renamed the Europa League in the 2009/2010 season. The Cup C2 is also known as the European National Cup Winners' Cup. It was not until 1999 that this cup was discontinued and merged with the UEFA Europa League.

In 2009, the Union of European Football Associations merged with the UEFA Intertoto Cup to create a major tournament. With the expansion of the group stage and changes in participation criteria, an attractive Europa League tournament has been created as we see today.

Information about the Europa League - Cup C2 tournament

To help you understand more about what the Europa League is, the following will be important information related to this tournament.

History of the tournament

The origins of this tournament were formed under the idea of three people: Sir Stanley Rous, Ernst Thornmen, and Ottorino Barassi. On April 18, 1955, the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup was established with the participation of 10 teams from 10 European cities.

For three consecutive years, the tournament took place until the 1971-1972 season, when it was renamed the UEFA Cup. From the 1999-2000 season, the Cup C2 was discontinued and merged with the Cup C3 but still retained the name of the UEFA Cup. In the 2009-2010 season, UEFA also increased the number of clubs participating in the group stage to 48 teams, and at this time, the tournament was renamed the Cup C2.

Competition format

Starting from the 2018-2019 season, the competition format of the tournament was officially changed. Not only the teams eliminated in the third round have a chance to compete, but also the domestic champions who lose in the UEFA Champions League qualifying rounds are transferred to the UEFA Europa League. Following a reputable football betting tips telegram channel can provide valuable insights and strategies.

Records in the Europa League

According to various sources, the Spanish club Sevilla has lifted the C2 championship cup 5 times. Inter Milan, Juventus, and Barcelona have had the honor of raising the championship cup 3 times. Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Tottenham Hotspur, Borussia Monchengladbach, FC Porto, etc., are all teams that have led this exciting tournament twice.

Since its renaming, Sevilla has successfully defended its championship title. From the 2014 season, the team that wins the Cup will receive a spot to participate in the Champions League group stage the following year.

Clubs that win the championship in 3 consecutive seasons will be awarded a special symbol on their sleeve by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). Sevilla is the only team that has met this criterion since the tournament began.

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The anthem of the tournament

Like the UEFA Champions League and other famous tournaments, a background music segment is played at the stadium hosting the Europa League matches to start the event.

Since 2009, the tournament has used an anthem composed by musician Johann Zweig, and UEFA launched it before the group stage draw in the 2009 season. In 2015, the tournament changed its anthem to a new piece of background music composed by musician Michael Kadelbach. Currently, the tournament is using music created by Massive Music.

Prize money of the tournament

The teams participating in the tournament will receive a certain amount of prize money. This amount will correspond to the achievements of the team. Teams participating in the group stage will receive 2.6 million Euros. Each win in the group stage is worth 360,000 Euros, and a draw is worth 120,000 Euros.

The group stage leader receives 600,000 Euros, and the runner-up receives 300,000 Euros. The prize money for the knockout rounds includes: 500,000 Euros for the round of 32 and 750,000 Euros for the round of 16. Reaching the quarter-finals earns 1 million Euros, and 1.6 million Euros for the semi-finals. More importantly, the champion team will have the opportunity to receive 6.5 million Euros, and the runner-up will receive 3.5 million Euros.

From the 2018-2019 season, the UEFA Europa League began to increase its own prize money from 400 million to 500 million. Specifically:

  • First qualifying round receives 210,000 Euros

  • Second qualifying round receives 225,000 Euros

  • Third qualifying round receives 235,000 Euros

  • Play-off round receives 245,000 Euros

  • Group stage receives 2,600,000 Euros

  • Win in the group stage receives 360,000 Euros

  • Draw in the group stage receives 120,000 Euros

  • Group leader receives 600,000 Euros

  • Group runner-up receives 300,000 Euros

  • Round of 32 teams receive 500,000 Euros

  • Round of 16 teams receive 750,000 Euros

  • Quarter-finals receive 1,000,000 Euros

  • Semi-finals receive 1,600,000 Euros

  • Runner-up receives 3,500,000 Euros

  • Champion receives 6,500,000 Euros.


The above are the latest information that Wintips has compiled and sent to you in order to answer the question of what the Europa League is. We hope that through this brief article, you will have a more comprehensive view of the concept as well as important information related to this interesting tournament. Follow Wintips for sure home win prediction for tomorrow accurate and up-to-date sports insights.


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