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L Mukherjee World History Pdf Free Download ((TOP))

In Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, Harari surveys human history from the evolutionary emergence of Homo Sapiens to 21st Century political and technological revolutions. The book is based on his lectures to an undergraduate world history class.

l mukherjee world history pdf free download

His book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind was originally published in Hebrew in 2011 based on the 20 lectures of an undergraduate world history class he was teaching. It was then released in English in 2014 and has since been translated into some 45 additional languages.[13] The book surveys the entire length of human history, starting from the evolution of Homo sapiens in the Stone Age. Harari compares indigenous peoples to apes[14] in a just-so story[15] that leads to the political and technological revolutions of the 21st century. The Hebrew edition became a bestseller in Israel, and generated much interest among the general public, turning Harari into a celebrity.[16] Joseph Drew wrote that "Sapiens provides a wide-ranging and thought-provoking introduction for students of comparative civilization," considering it as a work that "highlights the importance and wide expanse of the social sciences."[17]

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Britain fought in two world wars. Many profound changesoccurred in English social and political life, as was the casethroughout most of Europe and America in the 20th century. Thislast century of ours, the 20th century, really requires a separatetextbook to fully understand all the important changes that havetaken place. Although Great Britain is now radically differentfrom its pre-20th century history, it still has many influences fromthe past. Hopefully this textbook has given you, the student, agood basic understanding of the roots of British history for yourfurther study of this great nation.


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