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HACK JVC MiniDV And Generic Camcorder USB Drivers And Software XP And

NOTE: The i.LINK function of the camcorder cannot be used simultaneously with the Handycam Station that is supplied with select camcorders. In this case, remove the Handycam Station and connect the AC power adaptor and i.LINK cable to the camcorder directly.5. Make sure the video capture card and software are configured properly to receive the i.LINK signal from the camcorder.

HACK JVC miniDV and Generic Camcorder USB Drivers and Software XP and

NOTES:* Depending on the video capture card and software you are using, you may need to manually configure the capture card and software to receive a signal from the i.LINK port. If applicable, check the Help files of the software or contact the video capture card or software manufacturer for further information.* Sony digital camcorders are not provided with and do not require special device drivers for i.LINK connectivity. The device drivers that allow i.LINK connectivity should be provided with the video capture software. If the software you are using does not appear to have the required drivers, you will need to contact the software manufacturer.

6. If the issue is still not resolved, try closing and reopening the video capture software.7.If the issue is still not resolved, try restarting the computer with the camcorder connected and powered on.8. If the issue is still not resolved, try using a different i.LINK cable or connecting to another i.LINK port or different computer. * * * * *Why they haven't invented a tape reader that is generic just like they have for card readers is beyond me! It would make life so much easier.

One solution is to upload videos to YouTube and embed YouTube videos on your site. If you do not want to embed YouTube videos, you can convert Sony HDR-SR10E MTS files to FLV with Mac Sony MTS converter, and put the FLV videos on web server with Flash player. Aunsoft MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac is the recommended Mac sony camcorder software for you. It exports Flash videos with automatic deinterlacing function, which makes the FLV videos play without interlacing artifacts. It could also help you merge several Sony .mts video clips and export as one file.

don't you need to install a cd-rom that came with the camcorder in order for your computer to recognize it..? ive been doing alot of reading and i'm thinking that's my missing link. this camcorder is a few years old but it did come with a cd-rom that has since disappeared. my firewire works with my other camcorder but not with this one--maybe i dont have the proper drivers?


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