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2d and 3d drawings can have layers that contain text, images, and dimension objects. layers are then used to group 2d and 3d objects, a technique used to combine and organize content. a layer is either visible or invisible. it can have its own color, and it can be named. you can also add layers for specific viewports, which are always visible regardless of the viewport that you open. you can add text and images to your layer. a text box allows you to type and style text, and images can be added with the image dialog box. the images are stored with the layers.

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you can place dimensions on the 3d model to indicate scale. the 3d drawing commands allow you to create and edit 2d and 3d objects. you can add dimensions to 2d or 3d objects. 3d objects can also be automatically placed with standard or custom coordinates. you can specify the coordinate type and change the z coordinate when placing the object. you can change the z coordinate type and pick a new 3d default axis. you can also specify the local xyz (metric) to world coordinates (imperial) coordinate change.

the available viewports allow you to view your map in the perspective view with a three-dimensional model of your city streets. you can also modify this view before you print it. the map view includes the basic 2d map scale, a 3d map scale, and the 3d orthogonal projection. autocad map 3d crack adds plan, fish-eye, isometric, and contour views. it also offers customizable tools that help you easily see changes in plan, perspective, orthogonal, and section views. you can also add and save your customized views.


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