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Monster Island [v0.27] !LINK!

Dominated by the volcano that gives it its name, the island's shallow white sand beaches and rare trees create a tropical paradise.[11] At a distance, it is dominated by a wild mountain range, with thin switchbacked ridges giving it the odd appearance of an opening flower. In its center rises a massive mountain with a lazy trail of smoke drifting from its peak. The majority of the island is dense, lush jungle, surrounded by a faint ring of white sand beaches against rocky cliffs.[12] The jungle is so dense that it seems to rise and roil with the landscape, rising up over mountain ridges. Some of the trees push up and cause strange tower-like structures that grow much larger than all the others surrounding them.[13] The volcano itself comes to a point, with no caldera visible. There is a bit of an orange glow from a faint magma trickle near the zenith of the mountain, and a fissure from which the smoke emerges.[14]

Monster Island [v0.27]

From the southeastern inlet, a faint mist lies over a large portion of the outer jungle, giving the island an almost dream-like quality. Beneath the water are sandbanks that wind out beyond the beach, looking like white tendrils beneath the ocean.[15] Rising above the mist, the trees are extremely tall, a hundred or more feet up with thick trunks. A little further in, on the path toward the base of the massive central volcano of Rumblecusp, is a clearing holding a small village.[16]

Viridian, one of the leaders of the village, described the island as the central focus of the world, home to many strange slivers of different parts of the world that create the land mass. Beneath the trees are odd landmarks that shelter dangerous beasts that might be a surprise to find on the ocean, a number of unnatural dangerous denizens.[17] To cross the island, moving carefully, she estimated would take a few days, and about eight hours to reach the base of the volcano from the village.[18]

The Winding Core runs from the northwestern side of the island underneath the mountain and then comes out on the southeastern side, which is where most of the villagers' mining is done.[23] It is the location from which they mine beautiful gems, diamonds, and "various gifts from the land that we can refine".[24] The Winding Core is also an entrance to the Underdark.[25]

The Ruin lies far to the north on the island[28] in the middle of an area of gray, rock-filled emptiness that once held jungle that has now rotted and then petrified. A heavy fog shrouds the entire region. There are a number of broken buildings like a small village. Some structures are mostly intact, but some are bare bones exterior, the corners and the bare remnants of where they once stood. In the center is a singular large obelisk-like spire that is a sheared off portion of a tower.[29][30]

Behind the waterfall, there is a tunnel in the cliff face hidden by an illusion. The tunnel leads to a large cavern filled with multiple ships. According to Viridian, when travelers decide to stay on the island, they are instructed to leave their vessels there.[40] Beneath the water in this cave is another entrance to Vokodo's lair, similar to the one on the other side of the island.[41][42]

The Explorer's Guide to Wildemount states that only a few dozen people inhabit the island[11], and Pono estimated there were close to seventy when the Mighty Nein arrived there.[46] However, Vilya stated later there were close to 120.[47] The island has been populated for ten to eleven generations.[48]

The people of the island worshipped Vokodo, and referred to him as a great fire god. The villagers referred to the great volcano of Rumblecusp as "Vokodo," stating that Vokodo both existed within, and was it.[49] When newcomers get settled on the island, they had to visit Vokodo at least once and give him a valuable gift to be accepted. [50] The villagers had to constantly give precious items to Vokodo to keep him satisfied, and in turn, they believed he would keep them safe and provide for them. Because of this, they do not own many material possessions outside of basic tools and furnishings. Their main activities seemed to be mining and refining jewels and precious stone to give to Vokodo, and hunting and fishing for their food. They eat communal meals.

Everyone in the village seemed unable to recall who they were and where they came from before settling on Rumblecusp, although they did not seem to question it. After Greater Restoration was cast on Viridian, she regained her memories and revealed that something on the island made people forget who they were to ensure that they remained there to serve Vokodo.[51] There are several children in the village who where born there, implying that many adults may have also only known life on Rumblecusp.

The Mighty Nein arrived on the island (fleeing from a dragon turtle) in preparation for Traveler Con upcoming in slightly over a week. They encountered several displacer beasts that were routed by two werebear inhabitants of the island, whom they befriended, and were led through the jungle to the village of the Vo people, followers of Vokodo.

The party are told by Viridian about various locations on the island and about Vokodo, and that they needed to meet with Vokodo to gain his permission to hold Traveler Con. In the morning, she guided them along the path toward Vokodo's lair.

Vilya told the party that she arrived on the island from the Elemental Plane of Water, landing semi-conscious at the Heaven Falls waterspout, which is forbidden to the villagers. The party then traveled there and discovered a back door to Vokodo's lair hidden in an illusory cliff face behind the water rushing upward from the Water Plane. Exploring within, they found an immense cavern filled with the ships on which the now-villagers arrived on the island.

Caduceus's Divine Intervention succeeded, and the Wildmother sent a vision of Vokodo in his home plane of the Astral Sea running in terror from something chasing him. He crashed through the barrier, dragging pieces of other planes with him when he landed on the island. He both changed the island by his arrival, and was changed by the volcano he now called home. The party traveled north to The Ruins, evading undead tree-creatures along the way. The Ruins appeared to be a sheered off section of the Blightshore city of Ghor Veles, inhabited by tomb spirits and Lord Cioro, a wraith, whom the party fought and defeated.

After the Mighty Nein defeated Vokodo, they escaped his lair with a large amount of the treasure horde formerly located on his back. The group was safely transported to the outskirts of the village by Vilya, who walked into it to assess its current emotional state. With the villagers' memories restored, tensions were running high, with suspicions of each other, awkward conversations, and frantic packing. Many of the villagers decided to leave the island and return to their families at home, but many also decided to stay. [61]

The islanders prepared themselves for the massive influx of visitors to the island of Rumblecusp in celebration of the Traveler. Progammed illusions were placed all around the island, a stage was set up for musicians to play, and the Mighty Nein hunted down a T-rex for food. As the days grew closer to the event, Artagan showed himself a few times to the group and asked them how to fake his ascension. Eventually, they settled on the idea that the Traveler was just the Moonweaver in disguise.

The Xiliens plan to wipe out the populations of four major cities by summoning mind-controlled monsters once thought to have been defeated. Godzilla must emerge from the depths once more to take down the opposing forces while destroying the cities.

Saucers control the monsters that the Xiliens brought back to life. Shooting the saucer bumper at the far right of the playfield enough times (5 + 3 per saucer destroyed), or rolling over the switch directly below it, lights the bumper for Saucer Attack for 10 seconds (-2 per subsequent saucer).

Once all three of the above mini-wizard modes have been played, and Godzilla Power-Up #11 has been collected, the next building shot will begin the final wizard mode, King of the Monsters. With the Xiliens defeated, Godzilla must take on all of the monsters he defeated once more to regain his dominance as King.

Pets are a purchasable companion in the game, added in the v0.5.0 update. They can be bought from the Pet Shop located on Farming Island, (or on Paradise island, added in the 0.7.5 update.) up to three being owned by the player. Only one can be selected to follow the player around at a time, with a daycare NPC found at the Pet Shop allowing the switching between pets. When nearby a button prompt will appear to allow interaction with the pet in an affectionate way.

The Atlantic hurricane season starts on June 1, and the Gulf of Mexico is already warmer than average. Even more worrying is a current of warm tropical water that is looping unusually far into the Gulf for this time of year, with the power to turn tropical storms into monster hurricanes.

v0.8.5New features:NPCs will get smarter and do different kind of stuff at the main island.NPCs will walk around the gym and do random stuff, you can try to interact with them.3 new random sex-in-game events at the gymNPCs walking around at the supermarketFree-mode during sex can be activated by pressing wheel-mouse-button during sex-in-game events, this is still a WIP

You gotta get grit points to trigger defeat sex, you get them on lvl up (first icon top left if I remember correctly). Different monsters need different amounts of grit points with the werewolf as the lowest cost I think.

Killing animals and monsters gives me no drops at all, and hasn't for some time. I just tried downloading it again today, and still have the same issue. Is this something others have experienced and if so is there a solution, or is it something unique to myself? 041b061a72


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