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Family Guy (1999) Subtitles

The participants were divided into three Conditions (sub-groups) for each age group using their original school class classification. This grouping, based on original class classification led to the experiments being conducted during different times of the day based on the school schedule, and also caused the gender distribution to vary somewhat between the different sub-groups. All the students in all the six original classes were encouraged to participate in the study. Prior to the study, informed parental consent was elicited from the parents of all participants allowing the students to participate in the study, since the students were all under the age of majority. The study was also approved formally by the school and the teachers. Participants from both age groups were divided into three conditions, where one group watched the episode with Norwegian subtitles (Norwegian subtitles group), one with English subtitles (English subtitles group), and one with no subtitles (Control group).

Family Guy (1999) subtitles

The analysis of the results from the comprehension questionnaire for the 17-year-old group only indicates clear short term effects of the subtitles (level of significance p

The presence of subtitles did not predict performance of the 17-year-old participants on the word definition task. The most significant factor was, as in the comprehension questionnaire, the (self-reported) amount of time spent playing English computer games (p

The combined age-group analysis revealed an important long-term effect of watching subtitled video material. This is reflected in the negative impact the habit of watching inter-lingual (native language) subtitles has on comprehension, as reported in the background questionnaire, and as seen in the predictive significance of this factor in the combined group analysis. A similar negative effect of frequent watching subtitled video with native language subtitles was also found in the combined analysis for the word definition task.

The results from both participant groups thus confirmed the overall initial hypothesis that having subtitles available would enhance the participants' performance, at least on the comprehension questionnaire. However, as it was hypothesized that the more advanced group would benefit more from authentic L2 subtitles as a result of higher proficiency, the lack of difference between the two subtitling Conditions in that group was surprising. Also, for the 16-year-old group it was assumed that native language (L1) subtitles would be more facilitative as a result of (somewhat) lower proficiency. However, the analysis revealed that the target language (L2) subtitles were more facilitative. One can argue that for the more advanced participants the language of the subtitles did not matter. What mattered was simply that they had access to a third input channel which assisted the comprehension of the contents of the audio-visual material.

The analysis of the 17-year-old group's performance can be argued to be contrary to the findings in Mitterer and McQueen (2009), Markham (1999), Vandergift (2011), and Vanderplank (1988), who found that L2 subtitles were more facilitatory. Mitterer and McQueen (2009) also argued that L1 subtitles would harm target language speech perception. However, our study indicates that native language subtitles may enhance comprehension of audio-visual material at least equally as target language subtitles. Minimally, these results argue against the view that the presence of native language subtitles harms the participants' perception of the auditory material. Bianchi and Ciabattoni (2008) found that target language subtitles were more facilitative for more advanced students, whereas native language subtitles were the better option for less advanced students. The results from our study, however, indicate that for more advanced students, the language of the subtitles is of a lesser importance, whereas for less advanced students, L2 subtitles were in fact more facilitatory. This is in line with Guillroy (1998), who argues that L2 subtitles can compensate for the challenging vocabulary in audio-visual material, and exactly this compensating effect of the English subtitles might have been a factor in boosting the performance of the 16-year-old participants in the English subtitles Condition. Moreover, we also found evidence that native language subtitles impact negatively on performance on comprehension from a long-term perspective, as revealed by the combined age-group analysis on both the comprehension task and the word definition task conducted 4 weeks after watching the test video.

For the 16-year-old group, the results from the initial vocabulary test in the Norwegian subtitles Condition can be argued to be particularly interesting. In that group, vocabulary scores were an important factor both for comprehension (p

We found that participants' self-assessed oral target language skills predict performance on the comprehension task. This result highlights the links between auditory perception skills in language learning and comprehension and indirectly support the idea that target language subtitles might be aiding in the process of L2 speech segmentation.

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