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Matlab R2010a License File Download VERIFIED

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matlab r2010a license file download

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This got rid of the error, but I still have a problem launching Matlab. Each time I launch it (by typing "matlab" in terminal), the Mathworks software activation window pops up. I provide the path to the licence file, it appears to activate successfully (no errors), but then Matlab doesn't launch. If I try to run it again, the same thing happens.

Way too old thread but viewed 4523 times and active 16 days ago so still relevant I guess. Here is how you solve it. In my case the folder "/.matlab/R2015a_licenses/" did not exist. though "/.matlab" did. So I created R2015a_licenses. Now the problem is this folder was accessible only to root. So the activation application could not write the required file. So change the permission of this folder using "sudo chmod 777 R2015a_licenses". Now run matlab normally(no sudo). It should take you to the activation client. otherwise run the activation client manually(no sudo), it is called "" in the bin folder. follow the steps and let it detect the user-name and do not change it. when it exits without error you are done with the licence part. Now there could be another problem that your matlab freezes just after the opening window and doesn't go any further. Take a look at this. "Go to the ".matlab/" directory in the users home directory. Rename the directory named after the version of MATLAB you are using to have _old at the end. If there is a folder with "_licenses" in the name, DO NOT rename that folder" kind of worked. By kind of I mean matlab complained that it cant write preferences in "/.matlab". So I changed the permission for that folder by "chmod" and then it worked.

To activate without an Internet connection, you must have aLicense File. The License File identifies which products you can run.The administrator contact on the license can retrieve the LicenseFile from the License Center at the MathWorks Web site. Select the Enterthe path to the License File option and enter the fullpath of your License File in the text box (or drag and drop the file)and click Next

Only the Toolboxes for which there are 25 or more licenses are available through this download option (see the information onthe University and Department licences, linked fromDepartmental MATLAB Information.)

Find the first license file and check the contents. If it lists the above 2 lines as suggested, then replace "matlab-lmserv" with "localhost" and save the file and start MATLAB again. If you get the same error then delete that license file (Then it would appear that it is not the license file MATLAB is accessing for validation). Move to the next one on the list and repeat the process until MATLAB works.

Activation Key : There is no Activation Key associated with theDepartmental networked licenses. During installation if you come across adialog box which requires entering a MATLAB activation key look for alternateoptions at the top half of that form. There will two options (1) Using Internet(2) Manual. Toggle the manual option and continue. This will lead to anotherdialog box where it will ask for a license file (with an option to browse andselect it). Leave this dialog box and create the 2 line license file and saveit somewhere convenient (say Desktop) and then return tp the MATLABInstallation page and browse and select the license file.

Start up MATLAB and if you get a flexlm error -96 then it is a matter of copyingthe license file to one of the directories (create it if it does not exist) MATLAB is looking to find thelicense file and trying one of the alternatives for the SERVER (matlab-lmserv,, localhost) in license.dat and network.lic files.


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