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At Best Buy Postal Uniforms we believe that USPS employees can be provided with the best quality postal uniforms with great customer service and the very best prices. We offer all USPS approved postal uniforms, including postal uniform shirts, postal uniform pants, postal approved shoes and boots, postal outerwear, postal rainwear and postal accessories. Postal service uniforms are our only business!

best buy uniform

The dress code at Best Buy is a uniform consisting of a collared blue Best Buy shirt and work-appropriate slacks. Best Buy's store employees are known for their blue shirts, which have been the standard dress code since 1989.

The Geek Squad uniform is basically the same, except that the shirt is the black Geek Squad polo. Employees in the Geek Squad Agent role are required to wear white collared shirts, black ties, and dress pants.

Best Buy should try to avoid the common retailing mistake of making its stores totally uniform, says Zhang. Best Buy could use micromarketing techniques to compete against Wal-Mart on a store-by-store basis depending on the distance of its stores to the nearest Wal-Mart. Under this strategy, Best Buy stores closer to Wal-Mart locations should pay closer attention to price than others with the luxury of more distance.

On the back of these results, hundreds of comments from our families, and the difference in price between high street and supermarket school uniforms, we have chosen to highlight 3 retailers as category winners for 2022:

Supermarkets offer a range of prices for their uniforms, and while Sainsbury's ranked highest for supermarket prices, it also fared exceptionally well for all of our criteria, coming close to the more expensive high street uniforms.

In our survey of 709 parents of school-aged children, almost 20% estimated they spent over 100 on school uniform when their child started a new school, with a further 50% estimating a spend between 25 and 75. Special items like sweatshirts and polo shirts printed or embroidered with school logos often push costs up, as do specific requirements for PE kit, shoes or outerwear.

The spiralling costs of school uniform is something the government is all too aware of. In November 2021 the Department For Education (DoE) released "new rules to drive down cost of school uniform for families". A 3,000+ word DoE document outlines in full what schools should be aiming to achieve when it comes to offering affordable school uniform. This information takes the form of Statutory Guidance, meaning schools must follow it unless they have a strong reason why they cannot.

We're pleased to say, for the first time, we're starting to hear stories of some schools creating badges/logos that can be attached by sewing or ironing (take a look at our roundup of the best irons).

The guidance also requires schools to publicise their uniform policies clearly, provide access to second hand uniforms and avoid single supplier contracts where possible, all while giving "the highest priority to cost and value for money (including the quality and durability of the garment)."

However, the government doesn't state specifically what "affordable" means. There is no maximum price limit for any items of uniform, for example. Therefore, it comes down to decisions by the school and its governors. Anecdotal evidence from parents we've spoken to this year suggests some schools are taking this guidance on board in a big way, but others are not.

Most retailers sell these items in multipacks and/or bundles, and the bigger the bundle, the better the value (eg. a 5- or 7-pack of polo shirts). In order to do a straight comparison we have calculated the individual cost of one item from the best value multipack or bundle available in store.

A large number of our testers sang the praises of retailers that have considered children with special educational needs, sensory issues or conditions such as dyspraxia when developing their uniforms. M&S was the frontrunner in this area with its Easy Dressing range, and George at Asda was also praised for its Easy On Easy Wear range.

In some parts of the country, school uniform grants are available to qualifying families. You can find out more and search for your council on the 'Get help with school uniform costs' page on the website.

With cost more of an issue than ever, M&S is one of only 2 retailers in our list that have found a way to reduce the overall cost of school uniform compared to last year. We were able to find a uniform online for 3.50 less than this time in 2021. The retailer also runs 20% off deals at certain points in the year, and members of the Sparks loyalty programme may be able to get vouchers to make savings too.

In terms of fit, M&S uniform is a great one for parents looking for clothes that'll last as long as possible as items like trousers come with 'grow-proof' hems that can be dropped down to add extra inches ("The adjustable hem is fab!" said one parent) as well as adjustable waists for a custom fit. Parent tester Bettyna, who tested the uniform with her 5-year-old daughter, did point out this doesn't extend to every item and said, "I wish the pinafore dress had adjustable elements."

"The trousers are crease resistant so I didn't need an iron even after washing, which is super convenient for parents," said parent tester Sam, who tested the uniform with her 8-year-old son."It's also stain resistant which is an added bonus. The jumper has a stay new formula which I love as jumpers are the usually part if the uniform that gets dull over repeated washes," she added.

The easy care of the items was a big hit, too. One parent from our survey said, "The uniform has lasted the whole year! Polos have been washed and washed and apart from boardpen marks (aagghhhh!!) have stayed white. Winter uniform has stayed smart even without ironing!"

Parent tester Janet tested items from the Easy Dressing range with her 10-year-old daughter. "Once she got over the joy of tights with no seam, she tried on the polo and again squealed with delight to find the buttons were actually fake and it did up with velcro. That's a huge win in this house!" They had less luck with the cardigan due to the ridged cuffs, but overall Janet was positive, saying "I've never purchased Marks & Spencer uniform before. I have definitely looked and been put off by the price. However, having had the opportunity to test it and run it through some school days I am very impressed."

In a nutshell: If you can justify the initial expense, M&S uniform performs really well over time and could work out more cost-effective in the long run. It's also a great option for children with SEN or sensory difficulties.

Parents were particularly complementary about the adjustable fit of school uniform from Sainsburys, and praised the girls' dresses as a real stand-out item. "The pleated pinafores wash very well with no need to iron which is always good," said one parent, while another loved the fact there's "always a wide range of different types of styles" including harder-to-find items such as culottes.

Given the competitive price compared to the high street stores, Sainsbury's incorporates a lot of useful details into the range. Socks have the sizes printed inside the cuff, which is great if you have more than one child wearing more than one size. "I liked the reinforced knees on the trousers as my son is football mad and hopefully this pair will last me more than 3 months without getting holes in the knees," said parent tester Alexandra, whose 9-year-old son put the uniform through its paces.

In a nutshell: Well-priced uniform with lots of room to grow, easily available via click & collect. Useful details such as reinforced knees justify the extra cost vs other supermarket brands, but at this value price parents must expect some shrinkage and fading/bobbling with repeated washing.

Although the price of uniform at George has gone up a little bit this year, it's still one of the most competitively-priced supermarket uniforms, with a single uniform coming in at around the 10 mark. It pipped its rivals to the post in the "Worth the Money" category of our survey, meaning it scooped the win for Best Value School Uniform for 2022.

"Asda clothes are affordable, long lasting and durable," said one parent, echoing much of the feedback. Indeed, more parents gave feedback on their experiences with Asda uniform than any other, and it's clearly a popular buying choice.

"I was super impressed with the quality," said parent tester Jo, whose 6-year-old daughter tested the uniform for us. "We've never used Asda uniform before, but my partner and I both said this is where we'll be getting it from in future. The cardigans and t-shirts were super soft on arrival and were still really soft after being washed several times."

"Next has a great range of styles for school uniform. It is always soft & really comfortable. It washes SO well & rarely needs ironing," said one parent, who referred to the retailer as their "go-to place to buy school uniform". In general parents found Next offers good quality uniform, and indeed it came runner up to M&S in a number of the key judging criteria. But the quality does come at a price, with Next uniform costing almost twice as much as most supermarkets.

But the quality is worth it. "The majority of this uniform is much better quality than comparable uniforms found in supermarkets," said parent tester Nyasha, who tested the uniform with her 5-year-old daughter. "The items feel like they are built to last and I feel I will be able to hand them down when my daughter outgrows them," she continues. 041b061a72


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