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Best Buy Small Screen Tv ((EXCLUSIVE))

So what are the best TVs available now? The LG C2 OLED is now the best TV that we've tested. Not only is it the best OLED TV thanks to an impressive display panel, but a premium design, maximum versatility and great smart TV platform hit all the high marks, too.

best buy small screen tv

Welcome! My name's Nick and I look after our guides to the best TVs, best OLED TVs and best 4K TVs. Most of my day is spent watching and evaluating new screens from LG, Samsung, Sony, Hisense, TCL and Vizio. I have 10 years of experience in AV, and before I joined Tom's Guide I was formerly the Senior Editor, TV and AV at TechRadar. I love helping people find the perfect TV, so please feel free to reach out over email or tag me on Twitter and I can help you out.","strapline":"Written by"}; var triggerHydrate = function() window.sliceComponents.person.hydrate(data, componentContainer); var triggerScriptLoadThenHydrate = function() if (window.sliceComponents.person === undefined) var script = document.createElement('script'); script.src = ' -9-5/person.js'; script.async = true; = 'vanilla-slice-8TrucgTMLCDU6ALhTDS7yX-person-4-component-script'; script.onload = () => window.sliceComponents.person = person; triggerHydrate(); ; document.head.append(script); else triggerHydrate(); if (window.lazyObserveElement) window.lazyObserveElement(componentContainer, triggerScriptLoadThenHydrate, 1500); else console.log('Could not lazy load slice JS for 8TrucgTMLCDU6ALhTDS7yX-person-4') } }).catch(err => console.log('Hydration Script has failed for 8TrucgTMLCDU6ALhTDS7yX-person-4 Slice', err)); }).catch(err => console.log('Externals script failed to load', err));Written byWritten byNick PinoManaging Editor, TV & AVWelcome! My name's Nick and I look after our guides to the best TVs, best OLED TVs and best 4K TVs. Most of my day is spent watching and evaluating new screens from LG, Samsung, Sony, Hisense, TCL and Vizio. I have 10 years of experience in AV, and before I joined Tom's Guide I was formerly the Senior Editor, TV and AV at TechRadar. I love helping people find the perfect TV, so please feel free to reach out over email or tag me on Twitter and I can help you out.

As we found in our extensive testing, the 5-Series Google TV is a more polished version of the 5-Series TV when it comes to everything from color quality to lag times. And as well as delivering an excellent QLED 4K display, you also get a slick remote control, and a surprisingly wide array of gaming features for a 60Hz TV. For a smart TV that sells for under $1,000 for most size options, it's easily one of the best TVs on the market.

Design: TCL's mid-range TV designs aren't going to win any prizes, but the basic black plastic construction does the job, providing a sturdy housing for a decent 4K smart TV. It may not look flashy, or be the slimmest thing on the TV aisle, but it gets the job done. The chassis includes holes for a 200 mm by 300 mm VESA bracket, meaning that it can be easily hung on the wall using any of the brackets on our list of the best TV mounts.

Smart TV: There's a strong case to be made that Google TV is the best smart TV operating system on the market, offering a clean, easily-navigated home screen, with useful content recommendations, easy access to live TV and the convenience of voice control through the remote's built-in mic or the TV's integrated far-field microphones. The home screen and menus of Google TV look great, improving upon the already solid experience that Android 10 provided.

Smart TV: Although it may not be as powerful, extensible, or attractive as other smart interfaces on the market, Roku TV wins points for simplicity. The home screen is divided into two zones: The left third is devoted to a scrolling menu that provides you a number of options for either surfacing or searching for content or configuring the TV itself, and the right two-thirds expands on your choice to provide additional interaction possibilities.

It has full-array local dimming, which means it has deeper contrast than many budget TVs, and quantum-dot technology means better colors. It's usable for gaming thanks to AMD FreeSync, and it looks miles better than the HD or early 4K set you might have right now. It comes with built-in Roku, so the remote is easy to use, and it streams right out of the box. We recommend the 55-inch model, because it's the best bang for your buck, but TCL makes other sizes. The larger you go, the more you might want to consider wall-mounting or buying an aftermarket pedestal mount.

So it shouldn't surprise anyone that LG's own C2 OLED is the one I'd recommend for most people. The house-made panel is utterly gorgeous. It has some of the lowest input lag of any TV I've ever seen, which makes it perfect for gaming at up to 120 Hz in 4K. You can get it in sizes down to 42 inches, which makes this a great model if you have a smaller built-in for TVs, or if you just want the world's dopest computer monitor.

We loved last year's QN90A (8/10, WIRED Recommends) for its astonishingly good contrast and extreme brightness in well-lit rooms, and this year's QN90B model (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is a great follow-up. You get a center pedestal stand, a 120-Hz refresh rate for the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X, and Mini-LED backlighting that gets so bright you'll want to change to Filmmaker Mode for nighttime viewing. I also like that this TV has a very wide viewing angle, making it one of the better models for bright, modern living rooms. The interface is easy to use, and the TV is very easy to set up thanks to the aforementioned stand. If you watch in groups and have a lot of glass around you, this is the best option.

There still isn't much content to watch in this crazy-high resolution, but if you want the best 8K experience I've seen, you want this flagship Samsung model (8/10, WIRED Recommends). The gorgeous Mini-LED backlit TV comes with a solar-powered remote (!) and some of the most beautiful colors and processing I've ever witnessed from a screen. Watch The Martian on this thing and you feel like you're going to fall into space.

Small TVs are a great choice for tiny rooms like college dorms, bedrooms, playrooms, or apartment living rooms. With 32- or 43-inch screen sizes, they're perfect for tucking away on a shelf, dresser, or dedicated stand and offer more placement options for wall mounting without taking up a ton of space. And just because you can't have a gigantic screen, that doesn't mean you have to give up awesome features.

Brands like Sony, Samsung, and LG have small TVs that still offer the kinds of features you've come to expect for home entertainment, including integrated voice controls, 4K resolution, streaming capabilities, Bluetooth connectivity, and screen mirroring. Even brands like TCL and Hisense, while being more budget-friendly, still offer small smart TVs with core features for streaming movies and shows.

Not all small TVs are created equal, so I put together a short list of the best ones you can buy and have broken down their features to help you find the perfect fit for your space as well as your wallet. However, if you're looking for one of their larger counterparts, check out our list of the top TVs overall.

If you're looking for a TV that's on the smaller side, you'd be hard-pressed to find one better than the Sony X80K. The 43-inch screen delivers top-notch 4K resolution that's enhanced by Sony's proprietary Motionflow XR technology which reduces motion blur for buttery-smooth action as well as Dolby Vision HDR for even better color and detailing.

If a 43-inch TV is still a bit too large for your space, the 32-inch Samsung Q60A is your best bet. Not only will you get great 4K resolution, but this TV also features Samsung's object-tracking sound technology that follows the on-screen action for 3D audio without the need for extra speakers or soundbars. It even has built-in sensors that monitor ambient sound and light to automatically adjust volume and screen brightness so you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies in almost any environment.

Console gamers whose living rooms or dedicated gaming spaces are on the smaller side will love the 43-inch LG NanoCell 75. It has a dedicated game optimizer mode that lets you adjust both white and black balance for better colors and detailing as well as choose a picture mode that best suits your favorite game genres or toggle VRR settings on and off. It has 3 HDMI inputs as well as an RF connection so you can set up multiple consoles, including retro ones like the SNES for the ultimate gaming space.

With Bluetooth surround sound, you can connect up to two wireless speakers, soundbars, or subwoofers to create a custom home audio configuration that provides a more immersive experience without a headset. The NanoCell 75's processor uses LG's ThinQ AI technology to provide excellent native and upscaled 4K resolution so current and older generation games look their best. The TV works with Alexa, Hey Google, and even Siri for hands-free voice controls so you can switch on your console with a word. And sports game fans will love the sports alert feature which keeps you up-to-date on the latest scores, stats, and league standings so you can put together the ultimate fantasy roster.

The 43-inch screen delivers top-notch 4K resolution, as well as Dolby Vision HDR and also uses Sony's XR-reality pro technology to upscale non-4K content. The X80K also features a preloaded suite of apps like Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max, and the voice-enabled remote works with both Alexa and Hey Google. 041b061a72


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