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Tubelight 2012 Hindi Movie English Subtitles Download For Movies

Tubelight 2012 Hindi Movie English Subtitles Download For Movies

Tubelight is a 2012 Hindi movie directed by Shree Narayan Singh and starring Sushant Singh Rajput, Bhumika Chawla and Parineeti Chopra. The movie is based on the life of Dashrath Manjhi, who carved a path through a mountain using only a hammer and a chisel for 22 years. The movie was critically acclaimed and won several awards, including the National Film Award for Best Feature Film on Social Issues.


If you want to watch Tubelight with English subtitles, you can download them from various websites that offer subtitles for movies. Here are some of the websites that you can use to download Tubelight English subtitles:

  • [Subscene]: This website has a large collection of subtitles for movies and TV shows in different languages. You can search for Tubelight and download the subtitle file that matches your video file. You can also rate and comment on the subtitles.

  • [OpenSubtitles]: This website is another popular source of subtitles for movies and TV shows. You can find Tubelight subtitles in different languages and formats. You can also upload your own subtitles and join the community of subtitle makers.

  • [YIFY Subtitles]: This website is dedicated to providing subtitles for YIFY movies, which are high-quality movies with small file sizes. You can download Tubelight subtitles in various languages and resolutions. You can also request subtitles for movies that are not available on the website.

After downloading the subtitle file, you need to add it to your video player. Depending on the video player you use, you may need to rename the subtitle file to match the video file name, or select the subtitle file from the menu. You can also adjust the timing and position of the subtitles to suit your preference.

Enjoy watching Tubelight with English subtitles!


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