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Far Cry 2: The Ultimate Guide to Fixing NPC Bouncing - Gamer Tweak

Yes, the bouncing NPC glitch is a known issue with high framerates in FC2. I don't know if I'd call it "broken" necessarily, given how many games to this day still have 60 FPS caps and/or break if uncapped. It's certainly disappointing for those with > 60 Hz monitors, though.

far cry 2 npc bouncing

BigTinz has released a must-have mod for Far Cry 2, Far Cry 2 Redux. This overhaul mod for Far Cry 2 brings accurate magazine sizes, disables auto reload, fixes the bouncing NPC bug, adds the infamous heal animations and features more dynamic AI.

PC modder Boggalog uploaded an unofficial Far Cry 2 patch on Nexus Mods (via DSOGaming) earlier this week, complete with minor gameplay improvements and bug fixes that address graphical and performance hiccups. Boggalog's patch caps the framerate at 60, for example, effectively solving the bouncing NPC problem. Rim lighting that affected the look of the player character at night has been resolved in the unofficial patch, too. Those who download the mod can also expect to see "slightly improved draw distances." The modder added a "Colourful Far Cry 2" reshade configuration as well, as seen in the following screenshots:

Knocking a rolling convoy off the road with a bazooka, or blowing apart wooden structures with a couple of grenades: this was all meaty, ugly, violent stuff, filled with energy and gore. The brilliant superhuman horror of tearing bullets out of your flesh to survive makes this into an 1980s action movie of a game, with cartoon logic in an all-too-real world. Getting hold of a dune buggy and bouncing into an enemy encampment, leaping out hurling molotovs and gunning down screaming mercs and close range, well, that the kind of release I'm appreciative off after a long day at the office. (My imaginary office in the sky.)

Gila ftw. Speed tanked algos is also doing the job. Just way slower. I like that we finally get event that is not only brawling with all possible ewar on top of you. But apart from that, this one is disappointing across the board. NPC bouncing around like mad are probably most annoying.

For ease of use and maintaining the smooth flow of game play and planning we present this portion of the play scheme as unbroken efforts - which is to say that whenwe begin clearing the Caches that is specifically what we are doing and we don't stop until we have cleared all of the Caches we know about. We will also during this play make every effort required to reveal any locations we have not yet uncovered as well. The point here is that we are doing one thing - we are not bouncing from focus-to-focus even if this means covering the same territory several times.

You know me: I'm a twitchy, instant-gratification kind of gamer, the sort who isn't happy unless there's a gun the size of a motorbike in his hands and a severed alien willy bouncing off the front of his space helmet. But every now and again, the planets will align and I'll be affected by weird cosmic rays, and suddenly all I want to do is play a nice fantasy RPG. Not a JRPG, God no - it's just space radiation, not the infinite power of Christ - but a Western RPG, something with goblins and swords and men in loincloths going on about wenches; so this time, I pumped steroids into my video cards and had a crack at Oblivion. My only previous experience with the Elder Scrolls series was a brief spell of Morrowind during the previous planetary alignment, in which I ran around some muddy countryside in the rain for a few hours fending off weird sub-human creatures (so basically it was just like Glastonbury Festival).

Eviscerators are Grineer units that were released with the Fomorian Event. They feature higher armor and health than the regular Grineer Lancer. The Grineer Eviscerator is equipped with the Miter that fires large saw blade projectiles, acting much like the Glaive when thrown. The saw blades bounce off surfaces and can be deflected by melee swings, being destroyed after bouncing a certain amount of times.

In the Tamagotchi manga and anime, she has a speech habit. She adds the word "pyon" to the end of every sentence, which is the Japanese sound effect for bouncing. In the English dub of the Tamagotchi! anime, this is translated to "hop".


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