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Lenovo Vibe X3 X3a40 Stock Rom Flashing Tutorial with QFIL Tool

When I first got this phone and the Vibe UI version came out, I wasnt a fan of the VIBE UI at all. Then I had the X1, which seemed ok, but the X1 was already out of the picture. So for those who dont have this phone anymore, maybe youve switched to the Android System or Marshmallow or whatever, no problem, the full version of these VIBE apps still work on Marshmallow just fine. Each of them gives you access to the Developer Options, such as the Developer Options, the Lockscreen Opener, the Camera App, and other apps.

Official Lenovo VIBE X3 X3a40 Stock Rom

Download Zip:

These apps are the only reason why I am still using the Marshmallow stock ROM, and I cant imagine using a custom ROM unless the official ROMs stop working. Each of these apps is fully functional as you would expect on a Marshmallow phone.

Obviously, the apps have come a long way in UI since Marshmallow, but it stills feels like a toy phone to me. Each of them still do only a small fraction of what the original Lenovo VIBE app did, with each application giving you access to the Developer Options, Lockscreen Opener, Camera App and other apps.

Speaking of apps, it does come with a boatload of them. To my surprise, many of them can be legitimately used to change the look and feel of your smartphone. Thats like a lot of apps, but thankfully most of them are well-worth using. In addition to the VIBE apps, you also get the apps like GAPPS, Google Services, Google Play Store, Google Play Services, and other apps pre-installed that make life simple and easy.

One of the reasons for downloading any of these VIBE apps is that they can help you to fix your smartphone, including rooting if youre stuck with a locked bootloader. Here are some of the apps Ive downloaded and use. For more, you can see what Ive said in my Android Marshmallow Review and my Vibe X1 Review.


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