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Camera Mod S8 Bitrates Settings PRO V1.79 [Retail] [Download] __FULL__

LUMIX HLG Photo for Adobe Photoshop (For all S Series Cameras)Panasonic will also release a plug-in software for Adobe Photoshop CC. By installing this plug-in software in the PC, the HLG photo (HDR still image) shot by LUMIX S Series cameras can be read, edited and saved with Photoshop CC. It is possible to play back the saved image files as HDR photos on the HLG-corresponding monitor over an HDMI connection with the LUMIX S Series camera.For the specifications and details, please refer to the following download page. _hlgphoto.html

Camera Mod S8 Bitrates Settings PRO v1.79 [Retail] [Download]

"Change Active Hours" (Win10) In Windows 10, go to "Windows Update" and change your "Active Hours" to reflect your time on the radio to prevent a windows update during the time your using PowerSDR. Privacy Settings (Win10) UnderWindows 10 you will want to turn all the new privacy settings and "how updates are delivered" to OFF (block) . Otherwise your computer will be allowed to constantly send data not only back to Microsoft & others, but allows others to use your computer as an "Update server". Microsoft "Store" (Win10) Open Windows STORE app. In the upper right corner ... click and select setup. Turn off automatic updates of Apps,otherwise Windows 10 will be constantly downloading and installing apps while PowerSDR is running. Microsoft monitoring (Win10) Turn OFF "Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry" (huge drive and cpu usage hog that can start running in the background at any time while running PowerSDR) (text procedure to disable it here) Turn OFF the following Windows "Task Scheduler" items: ---- Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry (huge drive and cpu usage hog) ---- Customer Experience Improvement ---- Power Efficiency Diagnostics ---- Windows Defender (start hard drive scans manually yourself when you want ) ---- Media Center (Since it Windows 10 no longer allows the program to run) Turn OFF the following Windows "Services": All the "Diagnostics ..." services including: policy, service, system, Tracking (assuming all your components are working) Lfsvc: Geolocation service windows 10 Fax: fax Homegrouplistener: Homegroup HomeGroup continuously scans your network for files, printer, devices, data Homegroupprovider: Homegroup Media Center: continuously scans your network. WMPNetworkSvc: Windows Media sharing Windows Search (indexing) continuously updates its index files every single time a file is created, which keeps the CPU(s) & Memory & HDD busy. Turn OFF network Printer SERVICE: HP and others have poorly written network printer Services that will continuously eat up CPU & Network. Turn OFF MSCONFIG STARTUP programs that check themselves for updates (i.e. java, adobe, apple. do the update checks yourself). You can use free CCLEANER.exe to find them and disable them. Schedule your Virus Checker program to update itself & scan at off hours. Dont run the virus scanner when you are using the PC. Many Virus scanner program do background optimization without your knowledge. Usually the only way to quiet them down is to put them into Gamer Mode or Silent Mode. Disable Windows automatic updates. Do the checks yourself. Leave your computer ON, set for HDD & monitor to turn off after 20min of no use. This way the OS doesnt spend time after start-up to do housekeeping. Some Video card drivers(i.e. Nvidia) include Gamer previews that download and update without your knowledge. You will want to make sure you check the "Task Manager" to see any programs that are running and delete them. If you have an NVidia card you will want to check this link to turn off the Nvidia PowerMiser feature: here Run "Task Manager" (right click on the task bar and select "Start Task Manager" then click on the "Show processes from all users". This will show all the hidden processes that require ADMIN privileges to stop. Check them to see if any sneaky programs are running. IF YOUR VIDEO CARD IS POOR: Go to System Properties-> Advanced ->Performance Settings-> Visual Effects->Adjust for best performance (to turn off the graphics extras that you probably dont need)

04/02/16 S6: Add: Special Panafall mode for Sun/GrayLine, 80% Pan, 20% Water only for RX1 (best of both worlds). Fix: Sun/GrayLineOn its own Thread so DX spotting does not need to be on. Fix: Recall color and alpha on startup for GrayLine. Add: Grid lines turn off in Sun/Grayline mode, and turn back on when off Fix: reduce thread cpu time. Gray Line shows what is technically knows as Sunset (lighter area when the sun angle is greater than 90) and Civil Dusk (dark area when sun angle is greater than 96) 04/01/16 S5: Rework SUN/GRAYLINE code so it redraws into the background image instead of the display. This eliminates the CPU time wasting caused by adding items to the display code. The nice side effect is that everything drawn into the display automatically draws over the top of the GrayLine. Also doubled the resolution of the Gray Line for a better image. ADD: GrayLine color and Alpha can be selected (right click on Center button). New : SWL.csv file update from YouTube Video Describing RevS5 : 03/31/16 S4: Add: Gray Line option in the DX spotter (in addition to the Sun Track option). Add: SFI and A-Index next to Sun (from daily NOAA space weather report) Embedded an Equirectangular Projection map that automatically overrides your current image, when either Sun or Gray Line is enabled with DX spotting ON. You probably want to run this with Grid Lines Off. Again thanks to Dick W3WVG and Roland Leigh. Fix: Darkened the night area more 03/29/16 S3: Add: Sun Tracker when using the "KE9NS6_World skin" (download from this page below) and only when the DX Spotter is ON. World skin I Photoshopped is a Robinson Projection that I darkened to allow for easier viewing of the Panadapter, however I scrunched it (vertically) to properly fit the Panadapter proportions. Lat and Long lines are all 15 spaced. The Sun image is embeded in PowerSDR and should track Lat based on the Day of the year and Long based on UTC (Right side is 2359 UTC , Left side is 0 UTC, Center is 1200 UTC). I will try to add Grayline. Work in Progress. If you resize PowerSDR window, it could take up to a minute before it does its next update and moves to the correct position on the map. I may need to change the map projection to make grayline easier. Received some Grayline help from Dick W3WVG and Roland Leigh Fix: try to fix catching QSX or QRX splits 03/27/16 S2: Add: Adjustable TNF notch width (right click on TNF). Was 100hz. Now you can set up to 600hz. Instead of creating multiple TNFs to cover up a noise. Also, Factory Resets for NR and ANF settings. YouTube Video Describing RevS1 :


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