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if japan could not continue to pay for the costs of supporting the 2 million survivors of the earthquake, it would also be forced to make some extremely difficult decisions. for example, if it had to reduce the age of retirement, it would force people to work through to old age, while also increasing the proportion of the population of people of working age who are unemployed. if it had to cut the pension system, pensioners might be trapped in a role they could not successfully fulfil. failing that, the japan government might have to consider raising the retirement age to encourage people to work through their productive years. a possible increase in the state pension age would have implications for the budget; it might mean people spend a longer period of time working, while in turn, requiring more money to be spent on pensioners. also, the country might have to increase the governments contributions to the pension system, which are compulsory but by now are only adequate to cover four-fifths of pension costs.

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an advocate of a second referendum argued the government were not even trying to achieve a solution to the nhs crisis. he believes the prime minister is engaging in political games to avoid a damaging resignation and that he will be ready to do anything to avoid this. the nhs is in crisis and patients are dying. during the crisis, parliament has been sitting normally and is unlikely to sit again until september. but the public and the media have given the government a free pass to respond to the crisis, making it likely the public will hold them to account for their failures in the same way as they would hold any other government in a crisis.


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