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She can also appear rather perverted to others. Tomoko is a young teen curious but awkward and embarrassed by having no experience other than what she gains from playing games and surfing the internet. Aside from comic misunderstanding situations in the manga and anime where her parents walk in on her, Tomoko will also blurt out what she is thinking especially if she thinks it will make her appear cool and mature, usually with little grasp on the consequences. Early in the series, listening to other girls happily talk about bikinis, she imagines they are all "secreting pheromones" and are sluts. In the anime, she quickly thinks the female manager of the baseball team spends her time tending to the boys' "bats." Bored by being forced to watch a baseball game in the manga, she muses that baseball would be better if the line-up depended on relative penis length or if the batters had to use a bat with a length that compared to their own! She tries to impress her younger cousin with her experiences with a non-existent boyfriend with hilarious results. In school, feeling embarrassed that she may be the only girl her age who has not seen a boy's unmentionables, she enters an image search for "penis" on her phone only to drop it, have it scatter across the floor for her teacher to find and see, and to then gain the reputation as the "girl who looks at penes." Later in the manga, when she has progressed to having lunch daily with two other girls, she reads a young woman's magazine which has a seasonal "Sex Special" searching for something interesting to say. Even though she knows she cannot just blurt out "things you can understand about someone based on their penis" in a conversation, she does so anyways.

Little Sister Is A Perv Too.mp4

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Tomoko retains a sense of "big sister" over Tomoki in her own twisted fashion. A reminiscence suggests that Tomoki started to resent Tomoko when she overly lorded beating him in a video game. She speaks to him very matter-of-factly by suggesting that every girl interested in him wants to see his unmentionables to his irritation and embarrassment. Once, unaware of their odd rivalry, he asks Tomoko about Kotomi, and she responds that she is a "raging pervert." In a school sports competition, Tomoko manages to squeeze Akari, another girl with a crush on Tomoki, which allows her to proudly announce Akari's cup size to Tomoki since, she explains, this is information he will want to know. Finally, after Yoshida basically runs into his hand as he tries to restrain her from Kotomi, Tomoko takes him aside to proudly announce that she has not only groped Yoshida under her shirt, she touched her nipples, "which means I'm still winning!"

Shizuku later approaches Tomoko and addresses her as "senpai." Shizuku confesses that she has difficulty making friends with girls. Once she started talking to boys in middle-school, her female classmates started to despise her. Now, she can only talk to and hang out with boys. When Shizuku observes Yoshida, Yuri, and Hina come to Tomoko, she concludes that Tomoko is very popular. When Yuri completely ignores her while Hina dismisses her, Shizuku fears that she is doing something that alienates girls rather than girls being jealous of her ability to have friends who are boys. Tomoko agrees to act as her senpai to her delight. However, Tomoko has ulterior motives: she believes that Shizuku is a "super slut" who will be happy to discuss sexual topics without becoming disgusted like her other friends. Should Shizuku prove uncomfortable with such, Tomoko rationalizes that she can simply dump her since they will never be in class together. Their relationship changes in Chapter 149 when Shizuku asks her how to make friends. Tomoko honestly confesses that she had great difficulty making friends and, unlike Shizuku, cannot at all talk to boys. Shizuku ask her to help her practice for the intramural sports meet with the hope that if she does well her female classmates may warm up to her. For her part, Tomoko finds little in it other than the fact that Shizuku looks "hot" rushing about as she fails at table tennis. When Shizuku fails miserably, however, Tomoko is reminded of Megumi Imae helping her. While she does not understand why Megumi gave her attention, she does know it made her feel better. She embraces Shizuku and reminds her that she did her best. Tomoko being Tomoko, she then compliments Shizuku on the scent of her hair then asks if she is free to do something with her only to inwardly wonder if she sounds like a pervert taking advantage of a younger girl at a weak moment. 041b061a72


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