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F1 F9 Macro Redone Final.14

Great review Robin.Did you have a chance to test out the focus bracketing or aperture bracketing? Based on your jpeg comments I would not be surprised if you skipped the 6k post focus stack feature, as that is jpeg only. But I am curious about focus bracketing, especially for macro with the 60mm. Olympus has it but seems to be limited to only specific lenses. From what I can make out from the Panasonic manual these features should work for any AF lens.Thanks, David

F1 F9 Macro Redone Final.14

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Thanks for the kind words. For Olympus (I am most experienced using their system), when half-pressing the shutter button to lock focus/exposure, the aperture is not stopped down to the exact aperture value. I believe it is somewhere F2.8 to F4 for preview purposes. You can have full depth of field preview when you engage DOF preview instead.However, for Panasonic, I am still unsure with this, as I have only used the Panasonic G9 once for macro shooting, and never really did much with their previous cameras that I had the chance to use.

Logo: On a black starry background, as the sun shines on the planet, the camera pans backwards across Europe and Africa. Then "UNIVERSAL" in white with golden bordering, in the font from the previous logo (now redone in sans serif) rises upward as the sun pans down, and light glows on the continents. Then the screen eases back to its familiar position. The continents glow as the globe revolves showing the Americas. The sun shines, leaving a glow behind the Earth. Then the byline, "A COMCAST COMPANY" fades in underneath. The "UNIVERSAL" name shines before fading out.


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